Garage Door Repair Minneapolis, MN

We proudly repairs broken garage door springs, panels, cables, and openers. We also carry a wide range of garage door accessories such as handles, locks, plates, and brackets for immediate repair or installation.

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For many years now, our team of experts has been among the most-sought after technicians in the Minneapolis area. We skillfully install, repair, and replace garage doors for residential and commercial clients. We take pride in the way we provide our clients with adequate knowledge and information about garage door repairs and replacements to help them make a sound decision upon consulting with us.

We provide free estimates at your preferred date and time. With our honest assessment, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your money. Call us if you need help in installing and repairing any type of door. We carry a wide inventory of replacement parts for fast and convenient services.

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Door Opener Repair & Replace

Garage door openers are composed of a complicated system of electronic and mechanical parts that automatically and safely open doors. It is important for a door to open and close smoothly at all times. If it doesn’t, there could be problems with the opener itself or with the tracks, rollers, or springs. Our experts can help you tune-up your door, diagnose the problem, and replace faulty parts.

Remote Opener Repair & Replace

It is important for garage door remote openers to undergo regular maintenance to ensure its smooth and safe operation. Problems with remote openers are not very easy to diagnose. If reprogramming the remote opener fails to work, a full replacement is needed. Consult with our well-trained technicians and let them provide you with solutions to get your remote-operated door working flawlessly again.

Broken Spring Repair & Replace

One of the most commonly replaced parts of garage doors are the springs. Springs are attached to doors to make it easier for users to raise or lower them. Unfortunately, springs are prone to wear and tear, failure, and breakage. When they do get spent, a complete spring replacement by a skilled technician is necessary. If not fixed right away, raising doors feels heavier and will create a lot of noise.

Broken Cable Repair & Replace

For your safety, garage door cables have to be replaced only by expert technicians with proper tools and training. These cables are under incredible amounts of tension at all times as they hold the entire weight of the door. When these cables break down, the door will become inoperable. Hire us to replace doors cables safely and efficiently for you.


Garage door parts repair and replacement don’t have to be complicated. We always ready to provide you with exceptional services at reasonable rates. When it comes to doors, we are the best company for the job. Whatever problems you’re having with your doors, we offer solutions. We can install a new door for you or repair an existing one. We also have the tools and knowledge required to replace parts such as openers, springs, and cables, among others.

Our experts are well-experienced in handling all types, brands, and styles of doors. We can fix issues, no matter how big or small they may be. If you hire us, you’ll get the best services and the highest quality parts. We will assure you that your door will be back to its fully functional, almost-new working condition in no time at all.

Our large inventory of parts repair and replacement is your guarantee of a fast and efficient service delivered when you need it most. We carry every part used by all door brands in the market. Furthermore, our well-trained technicians are highly skilled and fully equipped to install these parts.

Your safety is our utmost concern. In every job that we do, we consider the welfare of our customers first. So no matter what time of the day or night you may need us, we will answer your call. We will heed your requests and provide emergency assistance as you need it. We always have a team ready to assist you. Our lines are open 24/7 if you need us.

We take pride in providing same-day services to our clients. We never want to keep you waiting. Having a broken garage door is frustrating enough. We don’t want to add to the problem by providing slow and inefficient services. We bring all the parts needed when we arrive on site. Part of our commitment is to make sure that your door is up and functional within hours during our first visit.

Talk to us if you’re having problems with your doors. Let our experts take a look at it and tell you exactly what needs to be done. They will also give you sound suggestions while educating you about doors in a way that our competitors don’t. We believe in giving our clients the right information so they can make good decisions that would serve their interests best.

Our track record and years of experience are proof that you’ll get the best treatment and a wonderful customer service experience with us. Allow us the pleasure of serving you. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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